In-house training is company-specific and usually takes place on your premises. While we explain the content of the main modules here, no list of programs can capture the personalization and detail of each course.

When you work with JCO, we take the time to speak with human resources, management and staff to understand your needs and the specific challenges you wish to address. After a consultative process, we develop training programs with a strategy, objectives and methodology designed to specifically match your needs. JCO’s offering can be divided into three categories: Business Culture, Leadership and Management Skills, and Specialized Programs and Services.


Business Culture is the foundation we recommend for an immediate increase in understanding, improved communication and efficiency within cross-cultural teams. Following those business culture training programs, our clients described immediate improvements in communications, global project management, meeting efficiency and smooth transitions through organizational transformations, such as M&A. They also reported increased retention rates of local staff and quicker on-boarding of local managers entering Japanese companies.

Working and Communicating with Japanese Colleagues

Working and Communicating with non Japanese Colleagues

Working in Multicultural Team (Mixed Session)

Excelling in a Japanese Company (Advanced)

Managing non-Japanese Staff

Pre Departure Training (for Future Expatriates)


Leadership and Management Skills build on the understanding of business culture and apply a cross cultural approach to topics beyond daily work, such as conflict management, negotiation, and team building.

Negotiation Skills

Handling Conflict

Presentation Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Building and Leading High-Performing Team


Specialized Programs and Services include offerings we develop upon the request of clients for more specific support, such as Post M&A Integration; Global/Regional Conference Facilitation; HR Consulting; Executive Coaching and Company Events.

HR Consulting

Executive Coaching

Company Events

Global Conference Interventions

Post Merger & Acquisition Integration

Here are some examples of the highly tailored programs we have run in the last few years:

  • Influencing without authority – for senior managers inside a major Japanese trading company
  • HQ Staff Program – post-arrival training for new Japanese expatriate management
  • Regional Training Program– basic business skills for low/middle-level staff in a Japanese financial sector company
  • Pan-European Conference facilitation and training in intercultural communication skills –for a globalizing Japanese manufacturer
  • Sales and Negotiation Skills –for a major Japanese chemical company
  • Support for the global roll-out of a new performance management system –for a leading Japanese multinational


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our training or services. Our team will be happy to help you.