Excelling in a Japanese Company

In this advanced course, content is tailored to the needs of the participants. The training is carried out in small groups to ensure maximum time with the trainer to address specific issues.

This session has no strict agenda. After a short round of review exercises, the content is tailored to the questions and issues raised by participants. That way we can ensure that participants will receive relevant advice that is directly applicable to them.


Local managers who have taken the JCO cross-cultural training course (not required but recommended); local employees who have been in regular contact with Japanese colleagues and/or have been reporting to Japanese management for some time.


You will have the opportunity to learn what you specifically need with the full attention of an experienced trainer. You will be able to review the basic messages of cross-cultural training and reflect on your own cultural preferences and working style. Through sharing experience with other participants and the trainer, you will be able to further develop your skills for success in a Japanese organization, including advanced communication tools, ways of accessing information and participating in decision-making.

The main modules include:

  • Review of cross-cultural key messages
  • Decision-making
  • Getting access to relevant information
  • Preparing/influencing a decision (even if the HQ is far away)
  • „Nemawashi“ mapping
  • Team working and personal responsibility 
  • Japanese perception of risk taking and failure
  • „Horenso“ (Japanese reporting)
  • Communication
  • Essential tips for verbal and email communication
  • Adapting presentations for a Japanese audience
  • Important Japanese keywords
  • Plenary session to share experience and discuss best practices

Role plays and case studies will be used throughout the course to illustrate and reinforce the learning.

  • Dieses Training führen wir auch regelmäßig als offenes Seminar durch. Mehr Informationen dazu:
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