JCO recognizes the growing demand for self-paced, distance learning and has created an online offering of our most popular training program. Developed in collaboration with a leading Japanese multinational, it is the most comprehensive online training on Japanese business culture to date.
This E-learning suite is being used to train staff of major companies all around the world, either as stand-alone training, or combined with online webinars or classroom training sessions.

Contact us: Elearning@JapanConsultingOffice.com

E-learning for non-Japanese staff (in English; available with French/German CC):

Foundation modules (approximately 40 minutes each)

  • Introduction to Japanese culture
  • Working with Japanese colleagues

“Beyond the basics” or “specialized” modules (approximately 20 minutes each)

  • Business etiquette
  • Meeting, decision-making and reporting
  • Supplier-customer relationship
  • Communicating with Japanese
  • Manager and subordinates relationship

E-learning for Japanese staff (in Japanese):

Starter content modules 1 & 2 (15-30 min each)

  • Introduction: Learn the impact of cultural differences on the workplace In module
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively across cultures

Main content module 3-7 (15-30 min each)

  • Learn how to work successfully with individualistic and group-oriented cultures
  • Learn how to effectively participate in or run meetings across cultures
  • Learn the differences in management styles among different cultures
  • Learn how to use effective communication techniques
  • Useful English expressions for the workplace

Benefits and Results:

  • Enhanced understanding of the roots and concepts of your colleagues´ business cultures
  • Smoother interactions and clearer communication
  • Improved efficiency and output of meetings
  • Strengthened teamwork
  • Resulting in greater effectiveness and employee satisfaction in the workplace