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JCO's Pyramid of Excellence.
We specialize in business and management communication skills.
We've been working since 2006 to increase effectiveness in the workplace.

1st Best Supplier Award 2015-2016 Mitsubishi



“Great examples were used from our own experience and the history explained a lot about Japanese customs and attitudes.” -Fujitsu Ten Europe

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Company Specific Training

JCO has been helping companies to increase cultural understanding, communications and work performance since 2006. While we specialize in working with Japanese companies, we also work with non-Japanese companies doing business with Japan, Japanese clients, suppliers or partners. Our methodology is evident in all of the trainings that we offer.

Japanese companies

Non-Japanese companies


*For more details on these training courses please contact us.

All of our company specific trainings can be tailored to your needs. We also offer executive coaching, one-on-one coaching and we can help you organise company events.

Our Method

JCO differentiates itself by offering training programmes that are:

  • Interactive: We keep the group to a reasonable size in order to ensure full participation by everyone. We believe in learning by doing, so we keep the lecture to a minimum and seek as much interaction as possible from the participants.
  • Practical: We focus on skills and techniques rather than on theory. Our training sessions are therefore very practical, based on many years of experience working with Japanese in Europe and in Japan and founded on industry best practices. We use team exercises, sub-group discussions and role-play activities to develop such practice.
  • Relevant: We focus on participants' daily challenges and make sure they all leave the program with tools they can immediately apply in their work.

We are working with well-known Japanese and non-Japanese companies, and all our clients can testify to the changes we have brought.

JCO team members are experts in intercultural communications and people management, and have in-depth experience working between Japan and Europe.

Do not hesitate to contact us to see how JCO can be of any help to your company.